Author: Zack Carolan

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What’s Messing with My Hormones? Lone Tree, CO

When examining your own health, from your diet to your mental well-being, it’s important to keep your hormones in mind. Your hormones play a critical role in all bodily functions — they can affect blood sugar, blood pressure, growth and fertility, sex

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Microbiome & Age Management Lone Tree, CO

It’s a well-known fact that our diets play a role in our general well-being, but research shows that your gut health is actually vital for healthy aging. As we grow older, we will inevitably experience changes in our gut microbiomes, such as

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Tips for Pain Recovery Lone Tree, CO

Pain is a fact of life that all of us will experience at some point, whether from a significant event like major surgery or a chronic condition, or from a more inconsequential injury like shin splints or a rolled ankle. Defined as

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