BEHealthy. BEvibrant. BEsana.
The most direct path to achieving ultimate vitality and serenity begins within you. While modern medicine traditionally focuses on treating illness and symptoms, our goal is to partner with you to determine the root causes for imbalance and the keys to prevention.

Our name BESANA embodies our mission to help you realize and maintain long-lasting, pro-active vitality. In numerous languages—Spanish, Arabic, Japanese—SANA embraces expressions of energy and vibrancy, including the words “healthy,” “brilliant,” “enduring,” “safe,” and “secure.” The word “BE” of BESANA reflects our goal to fuel and empower your wellness journey —to BE strong, BE bold, BE well, BE radiant, BE your absolute best! These simple words inspire our aspirations for you—BESANA Health & Wellness.

Our team of practitioners is committed to discovering your optimal path to wellness through a strategic combination of education, specialized testing, and personalized care. Our advanced menu of services includes a full range of functional-based health, including musculoskeletal care, functional neurological care, immune and hormonal support, vital internal and external (skin) organ support, microbiome (GI) and genome support, mitochondrial support, and clinical nutrition.
BESANA is on a mission to nourish and energize your body, heart, and soul for optimal function within your lifestyle.
Your first step toward achieving optimal vitality begins by calling 303.872.6406 or scheduling your personal consultation today.

Updates Regarding Covid-19
Office Closure

Our offices are now open while limiting patients and procedures to assure COVID-19 safety guidelines are met.

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